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Dongguan Yuan Jie Gifts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
कई विशेष चीज़ों वाला आपूर्तिकर्ता
मुख्य उत्पादों: अंचल पिन, कुंजी श्रृंखला, पदक, गोल्फ Divot उपकरण, गेंद मार्कर
On-site material inspectionSample-based customizationFinished product inspectionFull customization

Dongguan Yuan Jie Gifts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. Specializing in the production of Lapel badge, Medal, Coin, Key Chain, Bottle Opener,Golf divot tool hat clip ball marker, Metal and Plastic Poker Chip, Military Dog Tag, Paper Clips and other metal products. Products of high quality, fashionable, widely used in a variety of Gifts and Promotion, not only has the broad masses of the domestic sales market, but also exported to Europe and the United States. Yuan Jie over the years has always adhered to "quality of products in order to survive, credibility and development services" business purposes. Committed to providing you with high-quality products and quality services. Have a professional, dedicated design management team, from product design, mold making, polishing, enamel color, plating, package, final quality inspection, for each aspect and processes are rigorously testing and control.